About Us

This is Mia. She is what you would call a princess. She reads books for the romance, for the passion, for the love between two characters. She lives for those scenes that make her squee in delight or sigh with a smile because the guy is doing something swoon-worthy. Her reviews of books are based on the romantic aspects. Did the guy make her drool more than the thought of a pork chop for lunch? Did the kissing scenes make her blush or barf? Did the chemistry between the romantic leads sizzle or was she left yawning? Those are the notes she takes when she reads a book.

This is Bailey. She is what is known as a "tomboy." She likes action. She wants to see a good, well paced, well described action scene. She likes when people get shot and/or stabbed in a believable manner. She likes when the protagonists can take a few hits but also throw in their own punches. Bailey loves believable antagonists. She wants them to be evil and stay true to that evilness; or if they aren't evil they better dang well have a good reason they are doing their antagonist thing. She hates a wussy bad guy. She is also a stickler for plot points. When Bailey reads a book she likes it to be more than just better make logical sense.

Together, we are two girls are aiming to be book reviewing royalty. We are sassy in our own right and we love animated gifs. We aren't afraid to share our honest opinion regardless of the consequences. We might not always agree on a book's rating but we will be true to ourselves and what we enjoy.

As a fellow lover of books, feel free to comment and discuss your opinion. Maybe you don't agree with one of our reviews. That's ok. Not everyone likes the same things; that's what makes our world great. We can learn from each others opinions. It may not change our own but we are always willing to look at another point of view. All we ask is that discussions remain civil; blatant trolling, spamming, or disrespectful comments will be removed.